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In 2016 I drew a racoon with a really ugly face, but I loved it. I told myself that it was so weird that a lot of other people would definitely like it as much as I did. I committed to crochet him, made him lots of cute accessories to play with, designed a background for photos and posted it on Etsy and Amigurumi Pattern. I was sure I had finally found my style, unique and original.     Unique it certainly was, so much so that after only one day of requesting publication on Amigurumi Patterns, I received this response:       WTF!!! Were they really rejecting it?! I couldn't believe it. It was cute, the photos were well done, I had put so much effort into packaging an original product with attention to every detail. After 5 years, I only sold one Jack the racoon pattern on Etsy (and you, only customer, I'm sorry to say you have as bad taste as me) and resigned myself to the evidence: that pattern sucked. Let's analyze it together:     Would you really let your child play wi

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Good Vibes wreath

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Happy New Year

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