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Last minute Christmas gift

Like every year you reduced yourself at the last minute and you still have not made your Christmas gifts. Above all, you do not know what to give to your friend who loves to spend his/her free time at home crochetting and, despite he/she has 1000 years, she/he loves colorful amigurumi as when she was 4 years old? Or, even worse, you are the ones who want the colored amigurumi and you are not brought in for the manual work, but your aunt is, so you hope she will do them for you during the year?!
If you are in the Last MInute Gift situation, I have the right solution for you and it's called:

Pattern Discount Packages range from 3 to 10 crochet patterns and it is the end user who chooses the ones she/he prefers (or you, in case you want to have something in particular). Read well the instructions in the shop, under the diagrams you choose.
You can buy them until the day before and be sure you can give them at Christmas! They are practical, comfortable and you will have the cert…

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