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Crochet - Time Lapse - Ugolin

During an interview to get an atelier, they asked me what I would do if my crochet work didn't take off. A question that made me cry. I replied that I will never give up, because it is the thing that makes me feel good, my dream in the drawer. I went home and started working right away, to erase that bad question. That's how Ugolin was born. 12 hours of work, 42 degrees Celsius, 200% humidity and the yarn it didn't want to run through my fingers. Now I feel better.
I know it sounds weird to a lot of people, but this is my job and I love it so much. Never give up!
And, if you love my work, a subscription and video sharing, they could really help me a lot to maintain and develop this work that I love to madness :)


Enjoy the video.

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