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I give you the Luci pattern, but you have to stay at home.

Good morning, world. I got stuck in pre-emptive quarantine because of Covid-19, too.
I moved into my new house three days before quarantine, so I'm living a little awkwardly. I couldn't buy a piece of furniture in time, to put all my work stuff, which is now all on the floor, in boxes. The house is really small, too: 12sqm of space where I have to stay busy doing things so I don't go crazy.

I'm honest with you, I'd like everyone, absolutely everyone, to stay at home. I've already lost my uncle because of this virus and I don't want to see other people die.

So, if you have some black and white cotton at home and a crochet, I decided to give you one of my patterns for free, to keep you busy these days, which are not easy for anyone.

Please follow the rules and stay at home, because this is not a Hollywood movie and people die for real. Do it for the people you love.

I hope you like the present.

There are no mistakes in the pattern, though it may seem like…

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