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Mr. Robot scarf

IN ENGLISH (la versione italiana arriva subito dopo, non temete)
I begin by saying that Mr. Robot is not just a children's scarf. Or better: it's for children without age, for all those who get bored of growing up and who do not care about labels.

Mr. Robot keeps you company when you're alone at the bus stop and saves you from those bad evenings when you get bored among people (probably because you more like to play than spend boring evenings discussing gossip).

Mr. Robotscarf keeps you warm when the wind blows and makes you smile when you're sad, with those big eyes staring at you. And he has a big big smile, all for you.

The fact that they can take you for crazy if you wear it at the age of 50, well ... it moves into the background compared to the fact that you will have the scarf most envied by all the children who will meet you! Use soft materials and you will not regret it. I made it in standard sizes but, if you like, you can do it the length you most like and tu…

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